Tom Daugherty

Tom Daugherty is available as a "Guest Artist" with your organization.
Performance options include:

  • Guest Trombone Soloist
  • Guest Music Arranger
  • Guest Conductor
  • Guest Clinician


Tom Daugherty Orchestra Vocalists and Groups
are also available as guest artists.
All of our show themes can be performed by your organization.
Musical arrangements can be performed by Big Band or Orchestra.

Contact us for complete information.

Jarrod Harrah

Jarrod Harrah
"Sinatra A Tribute "

Sentimental Singers Swingin' Sweethearts
The Sentimental Singers
The Swingin' Sweethearts

Mindy Meltzer

Mindy Meltzer
"Sweet Petite "


The following "National Big Band" guest artists are available
to perform with The Tom Daugherty Orchestra or your organization.

Walt Andrus

Walt Andrus

Featured Guest Artist
Tommy Dorsey Vocalist

  • "PBS" Tommy Dorsey Special
  • Frank Sinatra Tribute
  • Symphony Guest Artist
  • Recording Artist

Walt Andrus began his rise to fame with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra conducted by BuddyMorrow as vocalist beginning in 1988 after being a member of The Pied Pipers. Walt began his musical training quite young and was playing tenor sax with Big Bands at age 12 and singing at age 17 with local jazz groups. Buddy Morrow asked Walt to 'fill in' with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in 1986. In January of 1988 'The Road' beckoned and Walt joined The TDO full time.
Walt's smooth phrasing on ballads and swinging style paired with Buddy's incredible trombone inspired comparisons to Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey at their best! After his first trip to Sweden, The International Walt Andrus Society was founded in Malmo, Sweden by Stig Nillson During Andrus' tenure with the Dorsey Organiztion, Walt was also entrusted to direct the orchestra during Buddy's absenses.
Walt Andrus 2 Walt Andrus DVD Walt Andrus 3
Walt Andrus Piano Bar Walt Andrus CD


Jan Eberle

In the great tradition of her
father Ray Eberle who sang
with Glenn Miller,
Jan Eberle adds her own musical
renditions and dynamic stylings.

  • Vocalist
  • Author
  • Composer
Jan Eberle
Jan Eberle began her extraordinary journey into ‘The Arts’ at the age of eighteen. In 1978, she performed as a singer and guitar player with the 1960’s rock revue, Déjà vu, however it was in 1980 that she followed in her father, Ray’s, footsteps as a big band singer. Jan joined The Vincent Lopez Orchestra and played to sold-out crowds beginning in Philadelphia, Atlantic City and branched quickly throughout the tri-state area. Miss Eberle performed many of the songs her father made famous with The Glenn Miller Orchestra, but incorporated her unique style into each arrangement.
In the 1980’s, Jan hosted and engineered a popular one hour radio program, titled, Yesterday and Today: Glenn Miller and His Music, highlighting the era she had become such an extended part of. In 1983, Miss Eberle left the Lopez organization and teamed with her cousin, Bob Eberly, Jr. as they created a show which paid tribute to their fathers, respectively.
Miss Eberle’s direction in The Arts changed in the early 1990’s as she began a successful writing career and became the author of her first book in 2002, titled, The Eberle Named Ray, the biography of her father’s life. Over time, Jan also became a contributing writer for The American Legion Magazine where several of her articles have been published. Today, Jan is proud of the release of her first album, titled, Blue Champagne. In 2006, she made a first trip to Europe, singing in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Bedford, England.
Jan Eberle CD Jan Eberle 3

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